CCS™ Binders

Unfilled Low Viscosity Resins for Patching and Overlays Used with High Aggregate Loading

CCS™ Binders

Epoxy binders in conjunction with sand and aggregates are used to make very tough overlays, patching compounds, joint materials, floor toppings and epoxy polymer concretes (grouts). These are used in industrial floors, spall repairs, expansion joint nosing repairs and to restore damaged structural concrete. Often these applications require chemical resistance or are applied to a substrate in poor condition where cement-based repair mortars are often unsuitable. Both high modulus and low modulus

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CCS™ Binder, Bridge Deck

Low Modulus Epoxy Binder for Protective Overlays

CCS™ Binder, Flooring-Decorative

Epoxy Binder for Decorative Aggregate Surfacing

CCS™ Binder, Flooring-Industrial

Epoxy Binder for Industrial and Institutional Floor Surfacings

CCS™ Binder, Patch - Nosing - Slurry

Low Modulus Toughened Binder for Epoxy Mortars and Concretes

CCS™ Binder, Polyurea LWL

Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joints, Nosing and Spall Repair


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