Special Manufacture

Special Manufacture

ChemCo Systems is an established manufacturer of construction polymers with a focus on epoxy and polyurea based on 2-part high solids reactive products. In addition to our own products, we manufacture a variety of private label items and perform toll manufacturing for other companies

We are committed to providing consistent high quality products on time within your budget. We have over 160 years of polymer research and production experience on our management team, and offer you flexibility, dedication and the manufacturing capabilities to produce to your exact specifications.

We are proud of our modern facility in Redwood City, CA, where we can produce your product from a pallet to a truckload in a variety of packaging options. We stock a wide variety of resins, prepolymers, diluents, fillers, hardeners and specialty additives and can manufacture your formulations as well as offer an outstanding selection of our proven existing formulations.

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