Kemko® Grouts

Kemko® Grout Products Feature A Wide Selection Of Semi-Rigid Epoxies And Polyureas For Filling Control Joints.

Kemko® Grouts

The Kemko® Grout products feature a wide selection of semi-rigid epoxies and polyureas for filling control joints. These semi-rigid products are designed to: resist difficult environments, absorb heavy wheel loads, protect joint corners, prevent contamination of shrinkage cracks and maintain esthetics. These products may also function as insulators for filling sawcuts after the insertion of wiring for induction loops, traffic signals, and airport runway lighting.

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Kemko® 038

Structural Epoxy Adhesive for Pressure Injection

Kemko® 040 DOWEL Regset GROUT

Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Dowel, Rebar and Bolt Grouting

Kemko® 041 Dowel Quikset Grout

Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Dowel, Rebar and Bolt Grouting

Kemko® 064 Control Joint / Loop Sealant

Epoxy Control Joint Filler and Traffic Loop

Kemko® 064 HB

Grouts - Control Joint Filler And Embedded Wire And Can Light Sealer

Kemko® 132 Polyurea

Elastomeric Polyurea for Joint Filling, Nosing and Spall Repair

Kemko® 189 Polyurea SWL

Fast Set Elastomer for Control Joints and Spall Repair

Kemko® 222 High HDT - LG. Void Grout

Low Exotherm Epoxy Adhesive for Grouting


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