Kemko® 222 High HDT - LG. Void Grout

Fast Set Elastomer for Control Joints and Spall Repair


Kemko® 222, High HDT - Large Void is a two-component, medium viscosity, low exothermic, epoxy adhesive specifically designed for grout applications on concrete, steel and wood substrates. Primary uses include filling wide cracks, gaps, void spaces and delaminations in concrete, masonry, stone and steel. The product is designed for applications requiring material thickness in excess of 1/8 inch or where large masses of mixed epoxy might be required such as voids and rock pockets. Where possible, use dry, preplaced aggregate in conjunction with the adhesive.


Kemko® 222 has a long working life and a low exothermic reaction (minimal heat generation during cure) that make it suitable for applications where a relatively large mass of adhesive is employed. The low exothermic cure characteristics, particularly when used in conjunction with pre-placed aggregate, minimizes heat build-up and the attendant material shrinkage upon cooling. The long working life and exceptional substrate wetting allows deep penetration into structures where voids and honeycombs may be located and ensures the filling of fine tributary cracks. Kemko® 222 also features a high ambient cure HDT as well as a much improved HDT if an elevated temperature post cure is used. Kemko® 222 has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio.

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