Kemko® Binders

Kemko® Polymer Based Overlays Are Used To Protect Concrete Surfaces From Mechanical Loads, Chemical Attack And To Provide A Wearing Surface For Concrete And Steel Surfaces In Critical Areas.

Kemko® Binders

Kemko® polymer based overlays are used to protect concrete surfaces from mechanical loads, chemical attack and to provide a wearing surface for concrete and steel surfaces in critical areas. The typical overlay system is a mortar pre-pared by blending an appropriate polymer binder with selected aggregate and pigments or other fillers. It is applied by trowel or screed in thicknesses of 1/8″ or more. Polymer overlays provide a tough surface which lowers the effect of loads on the substrate

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Kemko® 047 Lomod Binder

Low Modulus, Toughened Epoxy Binder for Mortars, Concretes and Overlays

Kemko® 082 GP Flooring Binder

Epoxy Binder for Industrial and Institutional Flooring

Kemko® 128 FlexDek Binder

Flexible Epoxy Binder for Mortar, Slurry and Chip Seal Overlays

Kemko® 132 Polyurea

Elastomeric Polyurea for Joint Filling, Nosing and Spall Repair

Kemko® 157 DA Binder

Epoxy Binder for Decorative Aggregate Surfacings


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