CCS™ Binder, Polyurea LWL

Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joints, Nosing and Spall Repair


CCS™ Binder, Polyurea LWL is a two-component, long work life, elastomeric, polyurea binder designed for interior and exterior use. Blended with suitable aggregate, Polyurea LWL mortars, concretes, and flowable grouts are used for rebuilding damaged joint nosing and repairing spalled and deteriorated concrete. A neat binder may be used for gravity filling of saw cuts, control joints, and non-structural cracks in concrete. Cured Polyurea LWL has excellent resistance to vehicular impact and abrasion, most automotive and aircraft fluids, and pavement deicing chemicals.


  • Convenient 1:1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Fast Cure for Short Downtime
  • Bonds to Dry and Damp Substrates
  • Does not Embrittle; Stays Tough and Elastic
  • Resists Road, Auto and Aircraft Chemicals
  • Environmentally Safe- No VOC Solvents
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