CCS™ Binder, Patch-Nosing-Slurry

Low Modulus Toughened Binder for Epoxy Mortars and Concretes


CCS™ Binder, Patch-Nosing, Slurry is a two-component, low viscosity, low modulus, toughened epoxy binder formulated specifically for exterior applications. Blended with suitable aggregate, CCSTM Binder, Patch-Nosing, Slurry concretes, mortars and aggregate broadcast systems may be used for rebuilding damaged joint nosing, repairing spalls, and protecting concrete and steel surfaces including those subject to mechanical shock. The product is also used to bond flexible elastomeric materials to rigid substrates such as concrete or steel. The cured product has excellent resistance to abrasion and impact from cars, trucks, forklifts, and steel-wheeled carts.


  • Convenient 2:1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Fast Cure for a Short Downtime
  • Low Viscosity for High Aggregate Loading
  • Does not Embrittle; Stays Tough and Flexible
  • Withstands Thermal and Mechanical Shock
  • Resists Auto, Aircraft and Road Chemicals
  • Environmentally safe - 0 VOCs
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