Kemko® MultiPrime

Modified Urethane Primer


Kemko® MultiPrime is a two-component isocyanate and resin-blend primer that can be used on a variety of porous substrates. To reduce viscosity, MultiPrime may be diluted with dry acetone. The primer has a working time of 45 minutes. Ponding on the surfaces shall be avoided.


  • No VOC’s
  • 100% Solids
  • Low Viscosity, Odorless
  • Penetrating Primer / Sealer
  • Reduces Pinholes in Porous Substrates
  • Increases Adhesion of Coating to Concrete
  • Reduces MVE in Concrete
  • Can be Applied to Green Concrete
  • Applied by Spray, Squeegee, Roller, or Brush
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