Kemko® 513 Chem/Rad Paste

Chemical/Radiation Resistant Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Bonding


Kemko® Chem/Rad Paste is a two-component, long working life, structural epoxy paste adhesive designed for applications requiring resistance to corrosive chemicals and/or radiation. It is suitable for use on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Primary uses include bonding pre-cast concrete segments to concrete or steel, bonding rigid construction materials to themselves or each other and filling spalls, gaps and cracks in concrete, masonry or stone. Kemko 513 bonds to dry and damp substrates and can be applied up to 1/4 inch thick without sag or flow. The components do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


Kemko® 513 is formulated with chemical constituents that (unlike many other civil engineering epoxy resin products) have excellent chemical and radiation resistance. The product is unique in the degree of chemical and radiation resistance attained by an ambient temperature curing epoxy adhesive. Kemko 513 may be extended with up to one volume of dried silica sand without loss of non-sag properties. Sand extension reduces the heat generated by the curing reaction and allows for the placement of thicker cross-sections of material when resistance to sag or flow is not an application requirement. The product has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mix ratio and similar component viscosities for ease of proportioning and mixing. Due to its long working life, the product is ideally suited for applications requiring significant installation time.

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