Kemko® 246 MVR Primer

For Moisture Vapor Reduction of On-Grade Concrete Floors


Kemko® 246 MVR Primer is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer designed for prime coating dry and damp slab on grade concrete floors where moisture vapor transmission rates exceed 3 lbs./1000 ft.2 over a 24 hr. period as measured by ASTM F1869. Typical applications include preparing for the installation of impervious floor coatings and coverings both above and below grade. Kemko® 246 reduces excessive moisture vapor transmission rates of up to 15 lbs./1000 ft.2 over a 24 hr. period to below 3 meet the requirements of impervious flooring manufacturers. The product’s short cure cycle, tolerances of surface dampness, high bond strength, and low viscosity make it ideally suited as a primer.


Kemko® 246 is specifically formulated to bond urethanes, epoxies, polymeric coatings and flooring adhesives to properly prepared concrete while reducing MVT rates below the 3 lb./1000 ft.2/24 hr. threshold. Prime coating concrete substrates with Kemko® 246 significantly improves the bond strength of the subsequently applied coatings or adhesives and prevents damage from high alkalinity. The product has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and a fast cure for short downtimes. Kemko® 246 contains no volatile solvents (VOC’s) and has very low odor.

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