Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer

Coating – Epoxy/Acrylic Hybrid Gravity Filler of Cracked and Porous Concrete


Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer is a two-component, very fast curing, extremely low viscosity Epoxy/Acrylic hybrid penetrating product with resistance to vehicle oils, greases, and deicing road salts. It is designed for topical application on porous and/or cracked concrete including bridge decks, elevated highways, loading docks, and high use industrial floors. KEMKO® 186 provides a high degree of surface wetting for excellent penetration into cracks as fine as 2 mils (0.05 mm) and voids of stressed or worn substrates. Healer/Sealer horizontal concrete substrate flood coat placed at 80 to 125 sq. ft. (7.48 to 11.15 sq.m.) per gallon (3.79 lt.). For skid-resistance broadcast a US Sieve Size 30 – 50 mesh aggregate, uniformed in size, washed, dried, and bagged. It also functions as an excellent fast-set primer for bonding of rigid, semi-rigid, or elastomeric for polymer coatings or overlayment. The high epoxy hybrid formulation allows for recoating months after installation with cleaning (not abrading). It contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).


The physical properties of the product allow its use in applications requiring resistance to creep and stress relaxation, maintenance of mechanical properties at high ambient temperatures, high load bearing strength and excellent adhesion under adverse application conditions, e.g., cold temperature substrate, wet concrete. KEMKO® 186 cures to a tough, resilient polymer and has excellent load transfer capability. Exceptional substrate wetting penetration and filling of fine fissures and tributary cracks as as 2 mils (0.05 mm) width. It has a convenient 4:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and employs special colorants for contrasting component color.

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