Kemko® 161 CSA Coat

Coatings - Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Resistant Low Viscosity Novolac Epoxy System


KEMKO™ 161 CSA Coat CSA Coat is a 2:1 mix ratio, two-component, low viscosity, solvent free, 100% solids, multifunctional phenol novolac epoxy designed for resistance to strong acid, bases, inorganic solvent, and organic solvent. (See Chemical Resistant Chart below.) In addition, it provides outstanding elevated operating temperatures, thermal shock, freeze-thaw, impact, and abrasion resistance. It is a “thru system” which mean it can be used as a primer, body coat, binder for trowel down aggregate, receiving coat for broadcast aggregate, grout coat, and top coat. It can be used on properly prepared concrete and steel substrates. It can be used for indoor and outdoor application without embrittlement, prolonged exposure to sunlight will result in non-deleterious surface chalking. It contains no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).


  • KEMKO® 161 will bond to properly prepared concrete and steel substrates.
  • Concrete substrate can be dry and damp.
  • Cures to a tough, blush-free, tile-like surface. In outdoor use, the coating is freeze-thaw resistant and will not embrittle, however it will acquire a chalky surface when exposed to sunlight.
  • KEMKO® 161 is a 100% solids product. It has a convenient 2:1 mixing ratio volume and can be applied by brush, roller, or with two-component spray equipment.
  • KEMKO® 161 is resistant to strong mineral acids and bases, as well as organic and inorganic solvents.

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