Kemko® 104 UW Putty

Long Potlife, Toughened Epoxy Putty for Underwater Bonding


Kemko® 104 UW Putty is a two component extremely thick epoxy putty designed for the protection of concrete and steel inthe splash zone of saltwater marine structures. The product can also be used to seal or bond surfaces that are continually wet or submerged in seawater, even when subjected to heavy wave action. Kemko® 104 UW Putty can be used as bonding agent in freshwater applications. Kemko® 104 UW Putty is extremely tacky and is toughened with Kevlar® fibers for durability in high wear,mechanical shock and impact-prone repairs.


  • Concrete Coating and Spall Repair on Piers, Seawalls, Dock Floors, Drainage Ditches, Abutments and Sewer Pipe
  • Protection and Patching of Steel Structure Surfaces Such as Pilings, Drilling Rigs, Ship Hulls, Buoys, Well Jackets and Bulkheads.
  • Patching and Protective Coating of Wooden Boats, Pilings and Telephone Poles
  • Sealing Seams and Ports of Steel and Fiberglass Jackets Used to Encapsulate Piles.
  • As an Underwater Adhesive
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