Kemko® 059 Lomod Paste

Low Modulus, Toughened Epoxy Paste Adhesive


Kemko® 059, LoMod Paste is a two-component, low modulus, epoxy paste adhesive designed for application on horizontal, verticaland overhead surfaces. Primary uses include the filling of spalls, cracks, gaps and voids in and bonding of dissimilar materials toconcrete, masonry, stone and steel. The product is ideally suited for bonding preformed polymer materials, e.g., polyurethane andrubber mats, neoprene pads and PVC sheets to rigid construction materials. Kemko 059 bonds to dry, damp and wet substrates and canbe applied up to 1/4 inch thick without sag or flow. The components do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


The low modulus and stress relaxation properties of Kemko® 059 allow its use in bonding and spall repair applications requiring resistance to freeze/thaw and thermal cycling and large changes in ambient temperatures. Exceptional substrate wetting makes possible the adhesion of many difficult to bond materials (e.g., preformed polymer products) to rigid construction Substrates. The product has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mix ratio and similar component viscosities for ease of proportioning and mixing.

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