Kemko® 050 Slump IR

Epoxy Adhesive for Pressure Injection Slump Pump Grouting


Kemko® 050, Slump IR is a two-component, low viscosity, epoxy adhesive specifically designed for pressure injection grouting using KIP System automatic meter, mix and dispense application equipment. Primary uses Include the repair of cracks and delaminations in concrete, masonry, stone and sealed wood particularly on-grade and vertical substrates where sealing of the opposite side (for containment of the injection adhesive) is not possible. Kemko® 050 bends to dry and damp substrates and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


Kemko® 050 is an economical epoxy adhesive with physical properties sufficient for most general repairs. The relatively short working life and comparatively high viscosity make this adhesive ideally suited for use in on-grade and vertical applications requiring ‘slump pumping’ pressure injection grouting procedures. In most instances, ‘slump pumped’ cracks can be re-injected after 40 - 50 minutes of cure time. Unlike many other high modulus epoxy adhesives, Kemko® 050 cures to a tough, resilient polymer with excellent load transfer capability. It has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and contains special colorants for contrasting component color.

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