Kemko® 046 QuikSEAL

Epoxy Adhesive for Crack Sealing or General Bonding


Kemko® 046, QuikSEAL is a two-component, non sag, epoxy paste adhesive designed for sealing cracks and delaminations inconcrete, masonry, stone and sealed wood in preparation for repair with KIP SystemTM pressure injection grouting. It also may be used as a short working life/fast curing bonding adhesive for most rigid construction materials and is ideally suited for bonding applications in cool and cold environments. Kemko® 046 bonds to dry and damp substrates and can be applied up to 1/2 inch thick without sag or flow. The components do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


The fast cure and excellent handling characteristics of Kemko® 046 make possible application over a wide range of substrate temperatures and minimizes the interval between crack sealing and pressure injection grouting. It has a convenient 1:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio. Contrasting component colors provides a visual key to proper proportioning and thorough mixing. The buttery, non-sag consistency facilitates the measuring and mixing of small quantities and enhances applicator production rates. Kemko® 046 is low in odor and may be considered for interior applications with adequate ventilation. The cured material exhibits generally good color stability with typical epoxy yellowing and chalking when exposed to direct sunlight.

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