Kemko® 165, Hi Temp IR

High Temperature Epoxy Adhesive for Pressure Injection Grouting


Kemko® 165, HiTemp IR is a two-component, elevated temperature resistant, structural, epoxy adhesive specifically designed for pressure injection grouting using KIP System automatic meter, mix and dispense application equipment. Primary uses include the structural repair of cracks and delaminations in concrete, masonry, stone and sealed wood; filling of voids in porous and honeycombed concrete and grout; adhesive bonding of steel plates (external reinforcement); and, anchoring bolts, dowels and rebar into concrete, masonry or stone when elevated ambient in-service temperatures are encountered.


The high heat deflection temperature (165°F) of the product allows its use in applications requiring resistance to creep and stress relaxation and maintenance of mechanical properties and high load bearing strength at elevated ambient in-service temperatures. Unlike most other elevated temperature resistant epoxy adhesives, KEMKO® 165 cures to a tough, heat resistant polymer at conventional ambient cure temperatures and does not require in-situ, elevated temperature curing procedures to attain in-service heat resistance.

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