Kemko® 008 SP Liquid Bonder

Bonder - Short Pot Life, Structural Epoxy Adhesive Liquid Bonding Agent


Kemko® 008 SP Bonder is a liquid two-component, short pot life, structural epoxy adhesive designed for application on horizontal surfaces and in vertical, downward oriented holes. Primary uses include the structural bonding of plastic (fresh) concrete and other construction materials, e.g., hardened concrete, masonry, stone, steel, and wood to themselves or each other and anchoring bolts, dowels, and rebar into vertical, downward oriented holes in concrete, masonry, or stone. It offers vastly superior bond strength compared to acrylic/PVA emulsion bonding agents. It is used for filling small and large voids, with and without aggregate extensions. It is also used for repairing delaminations of hardened concrete to hardened concrete or delamination topping slabs. It can be used for bonding external steel reinforcement for changes in design loads and K-Bracing for seismic reinforcement. Its short working time makes it ideal for placing with plural component spray rig.

  • Meets - ASTM C881, Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 2, Class B and C and AASTHO M235, Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 2, Class B and C.
  • Meets - ACI 548.13-14 Specification for Bonding Fresh Concrete to Hardened Concrete with a Multi-Component Epoxy Adhesive.


The physical properties of the product allow its use in applications requiring resistance to creep and stress relaxation, maintenance of mechanical properties at high ambient temperatures, and highload bearing strength. Exceptional substrate wetting and water displacement properties ensure excellent adhesion under adverse application conditions, e.g., cold, wet concrete.

  • Increase working life/cure KEMKO® 008 SP Bonder by blending its Part B with the Part B of the long pot life KEMKO® 001 LP Bonder.
  • Increase viscosity of KEMKO® 008 SP Bonder by blending its Part B with Part B of the long pot life KEMKO® 029 SP Bonder.

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