CCS™ IR Grout, StripSeal

Fast Cure Polyurea Paste Adhesive for Crack Sealing


CCS™ IR Grout, StripSeal™ is a two-component, non-sag, polyurea paste adhesive designed for surface sealing of horizontal, vertical, and overhead cracks and delaminations in concrete and masonry (dry surfaces only) in preparation for repair with pressure injection equipment. The excellent handling characteristics and fast cure of the product make application possible over a wide range of substrate temperatures and minimizes the interval between crack sealing and pressure injection.


  • Convenient 1:1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Short Work Life for Fast Cure and Low Temperature Use
  • Buttery Consistency; Non-Sagging at Applied Thickness of 1/8 Inch
  • Minimal Effects on the Appearance of the Substrate
  • Contrasting A and B Component Colors
  • Low Odor for Interior Applications
  • Environmentally Safe- No VOC Solvents
Technical Data Sheet