CCS™ IR Grout, Capsule and Pressure Pot

Epoxy Adhesive for Pressure Injection Grouting


CCS™ IR Grout, Capsule and Pressure Pot is a two-component, long pot life, low viscosity, epoxy adhesive designed for application with pre-mixed capsules or multi-port pressure pot injection systems. It may also be used as a penetrant for gravity feed repair of cracks in horizontal concrete slabs. The product has a long working life and a low exothermic reaction (minimal heat generation during cure) that makes it suitable for use with capsule and multi-port pressure pot systems. It is ideally suited for applications where a relatively large mass of adhesive is employed. The low viscosity and long pot life allow for deep penetration into fine cracks and in concrete structures where voids or honeycombs may be located.


  • Low Viscosity for Deep Penetration into Fine Cracks
  • Long Working Life for Filling of Large Voids and Tributary Cracks
  • Low Exotherm for Minimal Heat Build-up in Thick Cross-Sections
  • Suitable for Application with Capsule and Pressure Pot Systems
  • Does not Embrittle; Stays Tough and Resilient
  • Environmentally Safe- No VOC Solvents
Technical Data Sheet