CCS™ E-Tuff® 7097

Multi-Purpose, Low Modulus, Epoxy Adhesive and Binder


E-Tuff® 7097 is a two component, 1:1 ratio, 100% solids, low modulus, low viscosity, moisture tolerant, rapid setting, multi-purpose adhesive and epoxy binder. Formulated for use in bonding skid resistant materials to hardened concrete and as a binder in epoxy mortars. VOC complaint in all States and Provinces in North America.
E-Tuff® 7097 is the epoxy binder for the following ChemCo System:
E-TuffE-Tuff® 7097-DECO Use with colored glass or colored mineral aggregates for bike lanes, bus lanes and walking lanes.


  • Abrasion, Chemical and Impact Resistant
  • Creates a Below Aggregate Protection Layer to Reduce Water and Water Borne Chemical Intrusion
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • High Strength, Low Viscosity and Low Modulus Epoxy Binder
  • Mix Ratio 1:1 By Volume for Ease of Use
  • Rapid Cure Return to Traffic Formula
  • Use Neat Resin and Hardener or Aggregate Extended Mortar for Patching and Concrete Repair
  • Use Neat Resin and Hardener to Mend Cracks, Broadcast Aggregate to Support Preservation and Friction (HFST) Application
  • Cold Weather Formulation Available Upon Request.
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