CCS™ Coating, Marine Structures

Epoxy Coating for Concrete and Steel Marine Applications


CCS™ Coating, Marine Structures is an epoxy resin coating system consisting of a basecoat and an optional, contrasting color topcoat. Both products are two-component, solvent-free materials designed for two coat application on concrete, steel, and wood marine structure surfaces. They may be applied above and below the waterline and in both salt and fresh water environments. Typical applications include the coating of concrete piers, seawalls, dock floors, drainage ditches, abutments, sewer and outfall pipes; protection of steel structure surfaces such as pilings, drilling rigs, production platforms, ship hulls, buoys, well jackets and bulkheads; and, protective coating of wooden structures such as pilings, piers, shelters and power poles.


  • Pigmented Top Coat for Contrast with Base Coat Bonds to Dry, Damp, Wet and Submerged Substrates
  • For Use in Both Salt and Fresh Water Environments
  • Cures to a Tough, Water Resistant, Impervious Surface
  • Does not Embrittle when Exposed to Direct Sunlight
  • Environmentally Safe - No VOC Solvents
Technical Data Sheet