CCS™ Coating, General Purpose

Epoxy Coating for Common Industrial Chemicals


CCS™ Coating, General Purpose is a two-component, rigid, hi-build epoxy floor and wall coating with excellent resistance to mild acids and bases, solvents, industrial chemicals and automotive fluids [fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids]. When seeded or blended with aggregate, it can be used on properly prepared concrete, steel and wood surfaces to provide a pedestrian or vehicular traffic surface with excellent chemical, wear and slip/skid resistance. General Purpose will bond to properly prepared dry, damp and wet (no free standing water) substrates and cures to a tough, blush-free, tile-like surface. In outdoor use, the coating is freeze/thaw resistant and will not embrittle but will acquire a slight chalky surface when exposed to sunlight. No primer is required.


  • Convenient 2:1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Fast Cure for Short Downtime
  • Cures to a Tough, Blush-Free, Tile-Like Surface
  • Bonds to Dry, Damp and Wet (No Free Standing Water) Substrates
  • Does not Embrittle when Exposed to Direct Sunlight
  • Resistant to Most Common Industrial Chemicals
  • Environmentally Safe- No VOC Solvents
Technical Data Sheet