CCS™ Bonder Paste, Traffic Marker

Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Bonding Traffic Markers to Pavement


CCS™ Bonder Paste, Traffic Marker is a two-component, short working life, non-sag, epoxy paste adhesive designed for application on pavements to bond traffic markers, preformed curbs, and car stops in parking lots. The product meets the State of California Specification 8040- 51M-09, “Standard Set Epoxy Adhesive for Pavement Markers.” Suitable substrates include concrete, masonry, stone, and asphalt. All substrates must be surface dry at the time of epoxy adhesive application.


  • Convenient 1 : 1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Short Work Life/Fast Cure for Short Downtime Non-Sag Consistency for Efficient Use
  • Meets State of California Specification 8040-51M-09
  • Environmentally Safe-No VOC Solvents
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