CCS™ Bonder Liquid LWL

Long Work Life Epoxy Liquid Adhesive for Bonding


CCS™ Bonder Liquid LWL (Long Work Life) is a two component, long working life, structural adhesive. The physical properties of the product allow its use in applications requiring resistance to creep and stress relaxation, maintenance of mechanical properties at high ambient temperatures and high load bearing strength. Applications include the structural bonding of plastic (fresh) concrete to hardened (existing) concrete; bonding of concrete, masonry, stone, wood, steel and FRP; and anchoring bolts, dowels and rebar into downward oriented holes or horizontal slots in concrete, masonry or stone and as a binder in polymer concretes with aggregates.


  • Convenient 2 : 1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Long Work Life For High Temperatures, Limited Access
  • Bonds to Dry, Damp and Wet Substrates Low Exotherm Aids Mass Applications
  • Adjustable Work Life/Viscosity Using Related Product Blends
  • Exceptional Substrate Wetting/Water Displacement
  • Environmentally Safe - No VOC Solvents
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