Kemko® Model C Epoxy Paste Pump

Model C for Two Components Epoxy Pastes and Gels

Model C Epoxy Paste Pump

The Model C is a portable positive displacement air-driven paste pump. It quickly mixes and delivers 1:1 ratio high viscosity two-component epoxy pastes and gels from 5-gallon plastic pails. It uses two air-logic synchronized piston pumps to deliver high volumes of precisely metered and mixed paste for patching, surface sealing, large crack filling, slot filling, dowel insertion or bolt/dowel/rebar grouting.

The Model C paste pump allows the concrete repair contractor a freer choice of gel times and viscosities without worrying about batch mixing and wasted material. Bulk epoxies are far less costly and less wasteful than small disposable dual component cartridges. Flexible silicone rubber follower plates automatically sweep the pail sides so epoxy waste is minimal. Sure beats buying a gazillion cartridges on large jobs! One of our contractors estimates that the Model C is 4 times faster than cartridges, so there are significant labor savings for this concrete repair specialist.

The Model C is powered by compressed air only and does not require electricity. This allows pump operation in confined spaces and other restricted environments such as chemical plants and refineries. The Model C eliminates many of the paste cartridge shortcomings on larger projects which include:

  • High Cost
  • Disposal of Excessive Packaging
  • Difficult to Use Over Wide Temp Ranges
  • Wasted Adhesive
  • Variable Mixing Velocity and Operator Fatigue on Hand-Driven Units
  • Poor Mixing and Off-Ratio Adhesive when Started and Stopped Frequently
  • Slow Product Delivery, Multiple Cartridge Change-Outs
  • Cartridge Jams, Leaks and Spills

Model C Specifications

Title Description
General Designed to automatically meter, mix and pump two component, 1:1 ratio epoxy paste and gel adhesives in 5-gallon pails using air-driven components only. Eliminates off-ratio mixes and produces a controlled bead or flow rate for surface seals, large crack injection, and filling of slots, grooves and structural bolt or rebar anchors.
Design 4 wheel aluminum frame cart, with capacity to hold two-5 gallon pails for two component paste adhesives
Materials of construction Welded aluminum frame, wood base
Dimensions Height = 42", Width = 30", Length = 18"
Weight 45 lbs dry weight
Air controls Mounted on rear panel are pump piston control valves and regulators, vacuum bleed valve, shuttle valve, and air logic valves. Pump will cease operation unless both component pistons are within one stroke of each other to prevent off-ratio delivery
Air Motor speed Variable, from 0 to 145 c.p.m., controlled by pressure regulator
Speed & Flow Control Automatic by pressure setting
Pump ON/OFF control Automatic pressure switch, set by operator
Noise level @ 120 p.s.i. < 85 d.b.a.
Pumps 2 Lincoln 50:1 Air motor driven with PTFE seals
Pump support cylinder Carries pump yoke and is raised and lowered by auxiliary air controls to position follower plates in pails
Stroke valves Attached to air logic controller—assure that 1:1 ratio is maintained. If either pump fails to complete a stroke, the air logic shuts down complete pump operation.
On/off control valve A remote valve controls paste pump operation from the work face with 20' of dual air line.
Mix Ratio 1:1 by volume
Ratio accuracy +/- 5% maximum error @ a 5 gallon/hour flow rate
Pumping pressure 0 to 5000 p.s.i. range
Pressure Control Automatic pressure switch set by operator
Delivery rate 0 to 25 gallons of mixed paste adhesive per hour
Delivery hoses 25 ft. in length, SAE type 100R7 with burst pressure rating of 11,000 p.s.i.
Mix head Aluminum body with three tandem mix chambers containing replaceable mix elements Fitted with operator control valve
Special features Uses only compressed air for operation. Elastomeric silicone rubber pail wipers back stainless steel follower plates that scrape buckets clean on sides and prevent pump cavitation. Follower plates fitted with bleed air valves. Pump yoke (and follower plates) are air-operated with a raise/hold/lower air valve. No electric power is needed so pump can be operated in almost any environment including confined spaces.

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