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Kemko® Model B Epoxy Injection Pump for Concrete Crack Repair

The Kemko® Model B Epoxy Injection Pump is powered by 120 VAC (alternately can be fitted for 220-240 VAC) and designed to provide maintenance-free service for professional concrete crack repair using 2:1 ratio Kemko epoxy injection resins. It features fail-safe shutoff sensors in case of an empty reservoir and all controls are solid state for extra reliability. Automatic pressure sensing solid state circuitry controls slow the flow of material as the preset pressure limit is approached thus avoiding surges and helping prevent blow-outs of the crack seal.

The Model B epoxy injection pump is positive displacement and precisely meters two component epoxy resins within 2% accuracy and is designed to operate both vertically and on its side in restricted spaces. The Model B external case is anodized aluminum for light weight and corrosion protection. The Model B has received the CE marking for approved use in all EU countries.

The Model B injection pump is available exclusively to Kemko® applicators who have attended a no-charge training class provided by ChemCo Systems focused on structural concrete repair and epoxy installation procedures. We manufacture and stock these crack injection pumps and all replacement parts in the U.S. for immediate shipment and maintenance. Note: the Model B pump is designed for use with unfilled low viscosity 2:1 ratio epoxy injection resins only and will not work with filled or thickened epoxy gels or pastes (for the latter application, see Model C paste pump). For useful application tips, see our Epoxy Injection guideline specification and Introduction to Crack Injection slides.

ChemCo Systems supplies all of the necessary equipment, parts and consumable items such as surface ports as well as pressure test units and flush units for proper use and daily maintenance of the Model B.

ChemCo Systems offers special short term rentals on existing refurbished Model B pumps to our applicators to help meet large project and surge requirements.

Model B Specifications

Title Description
Design 2 wheel hand cart, unitized with integrated component reservoirs for use with Kemko® epoxy crack injection resins.
Materials of construction Welded all aluminum anodized frame
Color Chemical resistant anodized aluminum case
Dimensions Height = 42", Width = 24", Length = 20"
Weight 63 lbs dry weight; approx. 85 lbs shipping wt.
A Capacity 2 gallons
A Reservoir Inlet filter screen for foreign object control, sight glass for level indication, float switch for empty reservoir detection and automatic pump shutoff.
B Capacity 1 gallon
B Reservoir Inlet filter screen for foreign object control, sight glass for level indication, float switch for empty reservoir detection and automatic pump shutoff
Power & Drive 120 VAC, 3 Amps (240 VAC optional). Gear motor, 100 rpm, full load
Motor speed Variable, from 0 to 150 rpm, controlled by pressure transducer
Speed & Flow Control Automatic by adjustable pressure limit switch. Full rpm (150 rpm) and flow at zero p.s.i. Slowing to stop (0 rpm) and no flow at 200 p.s.i.
Pump ON/OFF control Automatic pressure switch set by operator
Indicating light 25 ft. of cord and indicating light, illuminated when pump is operating.
A Pump Precision metering imported tool steel gear pump, 1.2 cc/rev. displacement
A Pump protection Final in-line filter on pump inlet
B Pump Precision metering imported tool steel gear pump, 0.6 cc/rev. displacement
B Pump protection Final in-line filter on pump inlet
Ratio 2:1 by volume
Ratio accuracy +/- 2.5% error @ a 0.5 gallon/hour flow rate
Pumping pressure 0 to 200 p.s.i. range
Pressure Control Automatic pressure switch set by operator. Switch programming eliminates surges and blown epoxy surface seals.
Delivery rate 0 to 4.2 gallons of mixed adhesive per hour at 80 p.s.i. No load flow approximately 10 g.p.h.
Delivery hoses 25 ft. in length, fuel resistant elastomer
Mix head Aluminum body with three tandem mix chambers containing replaceable mix elements can be easily flushed at end of shift. Fitted with operator control valve.
Special features Integrated reservoirs allow easy clean-out, hose compartment, automatic pressure control, automatic pressure controlled pumping speed and flow rate (limits surges), reservoir low-level detection and shutoff, double filter protection of the component pumps, remote pumping 'on' indicating light and anatomic mix head with changeable brush static mix inserts. Epoxy pump can be positioned and will function on its side for improved access into low openings. Light weight case for easy transport and loading. Carries CE marking certification for EU uses.

ChemCo Systems Model B with mixhead

ChemCo Systems Model B used for epoxy tank bottom grouting

ChemCo Systems Model B for concrete repair on dam

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