Superior Concrete Repair & Protection

The Kemko® Applicator Program is an international network of certified crack injection and concrete repair specialists trained by ChemCo Systems using our single source adhesives and application equipment.

Contractors who participate in the program offer the facility owner a complete set of skills in the identification, diagnosis and choice of repair options for the large variety of structural repair challenges. Contractors who are trained in structural concrete repair can participate in the lucrative and fast growing specialty of infrastructure repair. Some of our applicators maintain project margins consistently over 25%.

By specifying Kemko® products, you get access to an integrated system of adhesives, coatings and grouts together with durable and reliable dual component metering pumps so there is no finger pointing in the event of a problem. Kemko® products are sold exclusively through the applicator network by specialized contractors who perform this type of work every day and are not available to other contractors. The Kemko® Applicator Program is available throughout the U.S., Canada and international locations.

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Kemko® Products Applications

Kemko® Bonders

Kemko® bonding agents are generally used to join fresh (plastic) concrete to old concrete, hardened concrete to existing concrete and masonry.


Kemko® Injection

Kemko® epoxy crack injection products are specifically designed for machine application using our specially engineered Model B injection pump.


Kemko® Grouts

Kemko® Grout products feature a wide selection of semi-rigid epoxies and polyureas for filling control joints.


Kemko® Coatings

Kemko® coatings are intended primarily for use in industrial applications as protection from corrosive acids, alkalis and solvents as well as fuels, oils and greases.


Kemko® Binders

Kemko® polymer based overlays are used to protect concrete surfaces from mechanical loads, chemical attack and to provide a wearing surface for concrete and steel surfaces in critical areas.


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