Model D Slot Pump

The Model D is a high volume two-component electric gear drive pump for delivering 1:1 ratio self-leveling epoxy slot filling liquids. Cart mounted, it draws from 2-5 gallon translucent reservoirs and is operated remotely. This is a great efficiency tool for large warehouse floor saw cut shrinkage (control) joints, wire loops and other bulk two-component liquid applications. As a productivity aid, it ought to pay for itself in about a half of a job.

Model D Specifications


GeneralPortable wheeled pump meters and mixes 1:1 ratio, 2-component medium viscosity liquid flexible epoxy slot filling compounds for sawcut shrinkage control joints in warehouse and industrial floor applications. Especially useful on large projects or for fast-setting polymers. Eliminates waste and off-ratio mixes.
Design4 wheel wagon with translucent "A" and "B" component PE reservoirs
Materials of constructionSteel
DimensionsHeight = 32", Width = 36", Length = 25"
Weight40 lbs. dry weight
A Capacity5 gallons
B Capacity5 gallons
Power & Drive1 15 Vac, 3 Amps. 90V DC motor, 1750 rpm
Motor speedVariable, from 0 to 350 rpm, controlled by electronic controller
Speed & Flow ControlVariable speed electronic controller. 5:1 ratio right angle speed reducer Slowing to stop (O rpm) and no flow at 200 p.s.i. Automatic by preset.
Pump ON/OFF controlRemote operating switch
Flow controlRemote flow control double valve with large handle for precise control of flow at the workface
A PumpPrecision metering tool steel gear pump, 5 g.p.h. at 1750 rpm
A Pump protectionFinal in-line filter on pump inlet
B PumpPrecision metering tool steel gear pump, 5 g.p.h. at 1750 rpm
B Pump protectionFinal in-line filter on pump inlet
Ratio1:1 by volume
Ratio accuracy+/- 5% maximum error @ a 5 gallon/hour flow rate
Pumping pressure0 to 250 p.s.i. range
Delivery rate0 to 10 gallons of mixed adhesive per hour maximum
Delivery hoses25 ft. in length, fuel resistant elastomer
Special featuresTranslucent reservoirs, electronic rate controller, double filter protection of the component pumps, can be operated by a crew of one, can use mix head or disposable static mixer element. Most common maintenance and repair parts easily and quickly obtained through Grainger or McMaster-Carr.