CCS™ Products

Tools for dependable concrete repair

CCS Products include a wide selection of epoxy and polyurea products for concrete repair and protection. These are available either through construction supply distributors or direct to qualified contractors, industrial end users and facility maintenance departments. For construction design documents created by architects and engineers, CCS product line sales are not contractor restricted, so CCS products should be selected for the purposes of an open specification.

Most CCS epoxies and polyureas are 100% solids meeting the strictest V.O.C. requirements. All CCS concrete repair products are designed for ease of use with simple 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios. Specific characteristics of gel time, pot life, viscosity, application temperature, water sensitivity, and performance specification are available to meet nearly every construction application, including underwater. For load bearing, high temperature, underwater, primer coating, chemical resistant or radiation tolerant epoxy applications, there is a CCS product designed for the task. All CCS structural crack injection products exceed ASTM C881, Type IV (AASHTO M235) requirements for load bearing applications.

CCS Products are listed by application:

We encourage you to challenge us with unusual applications, extreme environments, difficult repairs, and custom formulations. For example, we can recommend a CCS epoxy binder and gap graded aggregate polymer concrete grout tailored for your specific project allowing the contractor significant savings though local purchase of the aggregates in bulk quantities

Please contact us if you can’t find a product suited to your specific application. We maintain an in-house physical and chemical test lab to simulate and evaluate special requirements. Plus we have an extensive data base of files dating back over 50 years in products for structural concrete repair.

All of our epoxy products are 0 VOC and compliant with the criteria for the IEQ4.1 low-emitting adhesives, sealants credit by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in energy and Environmental Design) program.

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CCS Products

CCS Injection

Crack injection resins (for use with automatic pumps) and surface seals


CCS Bonder

Filled liquid and paste adhesives for manual application


CCS Grouts

Patching and control joint epoxies and polyureas (includes FAA P606 grout)


CCS Coating

Industrial use high solids (O VOC) coatings for concrete protection (high acid resistance)


CCS Binders

Unfilled low viscosity resins for patching and overlays used with high aggregate loading


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