Feature story about ChemCo Systems

At ChemCo Systems, we believe that expertise makes all the difference to our customers. Our staff engineers and chemists average over 25 years of industry experience and many participated in the original development of structural adhesives for concrete repair and restoration. Their early research and testing into the behavior of adhesives under sustained stress led to the adoption of minimum test standards by ASTM, including ASTM C881. Today we remain active in the standards and technical committees of ACI, ICRI, ASTM, ACS and CSI. Manufacturing Today recently published a feature story about ChemCo Systems products and customers.

Founded in 1993 by the same experienced technical staff who developed the SCB® system of structural crack repair at Adhesive Engineering, ChemCo Systems manufactures a diverse selection of polymer systems for use in construction applications. Our products are designed to install, protect or repair architectural and structural concrete, steel, wood as well as both carbon and glass fiber composite systems. Over 100 ChemCo products are available for: structural crack repair, anchor bolts, coatings and sealants, machine bases, old-to-new pours, seismic upgrades, plate bonding reinforcement, spall repair, underwater (marine) and extreme environments. In addition, ChemCo offers custom formulation, compounding, toll manufacturing and product testing services using ASTM and ACI standards.

We supply products to many international projects via ocean or air shipments. Our European affiliate is located in Berlin, CSE Construction.

With the rapid expansion of bridge building in China and other Asian countries, our Epoxy Asphalt products for long span bridges has seen significant growth in the 2000’s. This ultra high performance pavement is in a phase 3 evaluation by the International Transport Forum of OECD in a multi-country research program seeking long life pavements for strategic roads. Our Tianjin, China office supports this product in Asia.

ChemCo encourages architects, engineers, specification writers and contractors to forward questions and application problems to our manufacturing, testing and formulation experts. ChemCo product development, product testing and manufacturing is located under the same roof so information is shared quickly between departments. ChemCo owns and operates its own physical, chemical and environmental testing equipment and can simulate most extreme product applications.

Our staff includes equipment designers who fabricate, test and build specialized mixer heads and high pressure positive displacement pump systems to be used by specially trained licensed applicators. Automated models featuring electronic control systems are available for two component product materials including: low viscosity injection resins, pastes and high volume joint sealants and grouts for both epoxies and polyureas.