CCS™ Featured Products

Epoxy Healer/Sealer, StripSEAL and Polyurea SWL are used worldwide in so many unique applications that we decided to feature them in a special section. Each of these products offers: extreme versatility, easy application, fast cure and tolerance of poor substrates. Epoxy Healer/Sealer is for cracked decks and more recently has become a popular treatment for concrete floor polishing and for sealing concrete countertops and sinks. StripSEAL is a removable surface seal for epoxy injection (especially useful for preserving architectural precast panels). Polyurea SWL is an easy to use fast curing control joint filler. Call us with your questions or order a sample; we promise you’ll be pleased with these popular workhorses.

CCS Epoxy Healer/Sealer™

A clear, low viscosity structural polymer for restoring the original monolithic integrity of cracked and porous concrete floors and decks. Recently, it is becoming popular for restoring retail warehouse floors prior to concrete polishing or grinding operations. For an example of use on a innovative design concrete sink, see the following link from Elements Concrete:

  • Easy Application  4:1 ratio supplied in pre-measured units to make up 5 gallons. Pour B jug into the A pail and mix for 2 minutes!
  • Safe  No solvents, no VOCs, nonflammable, very low odor. Compliant with the criteria for the IEQ4.1 low-emitting adhesives, sealants credit by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.
  • Protects Reinforcement  Deep penetration and excellent wetting help protect internal steel from corrosion. Seals cracked and porous substrates.
  • High Performance  Penetrates fine cracks to 0.002 inch by gravity flow and capillary action. High tensile strength bonds help restore slab or deck to original monolithic strength.
  • Uses  Loading docks, industrial and commercial floors, bridge decks, “spider-webbed” substrates, as a concrete floor pre-polishing aid, concrete counter tops.
  • Versatile  Effective primer for epoxy or urethane topcoats on heavily cracked surfaces. Clear color.
  • Product Data Sheet  |  MSDS A   MSDS B



The original fast-setting removable (strippable) seal for epoxy crack injection.

  • Easy Removal  StripSEAL peels easily off concrete after the injection resin gels. No labor intensive grinding, chipping or sanding required! Ideal for architectural concrete or precast repairs.
  • Fast Setting  Inject cracks 30 minutes after application of StripSeal!
  • Environmentally Safe  No solvents, no VOCs, nonflammable, non-hazardous for shipping
  • Low Odor  Unlike other fast set seals, StripSEAL has a low odor and can be safely used inside residential and commercial buildings.
  • Easy to Use  Convenient 1:1 mix ratio. “Buttery” consistency requires little effort to mix and apply. Non-sag application to 1/2″. StripSEAL is flexible and won’t crack like other rigid seals. Available in 300 x 300 ml cartridges.
  • Product Data Sheet  |  MSDS A  MSDS B


CCS Polyurea SWL

A rapid setting, flexible control joint filler formulated for high durability uses including, loading decks and freezers.

  • Easy to Apply  Polyurea SWL can be placed by machine or by hand. It won’t become stringy no matter what order the components are added.
  • Fast Setting  At normal temperatures, ready to cut in 30 minutes. Cures to -25°F.
  • Environmentally Safe  No solvents, no VOCs, nonflammable, non-hazardous rating for shipping.
  • Low Odor  Unlike other fast set products, StripSEAL has a low odor and can be used inside residential and commercial buildings.
  • Long Mixed Life  Convenient 1:1 mix ratio. Hand blends can be used to patch areas too small for a machine. Mixed Polyurea SWL can be extended with aggregate for a tough, fast setting patch.
  • Product Data Sheet  |  MSDS A   MSDS B